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Every product has a story, and I will tell yours. Let me transform your idea into what you want to tell your users, which will enable you to develop in the direction of your user's desires. 


Digital product strategy, spec requirements, wireframes, mockups, roll out strategy, growth strategy, account-based and demand gen marketing, user acquisition and retainment.

brand design & development

I initiate a highly successful 

approach that will  activate your brand in a way that will claim a leadership position in your space.


Brand guidelines complete with brand voice, brand map, Key Energy Driver, brand persona, company statements, logo variations, color palette, and typography.

value prop


I will dissect your core business challenges by creating compelling easy to understand products and services your clients want.



Defined products, services, functional jobs, social jobs, emotional jobs, undesired outcomes, obstacles, risks, and gains by client type.



I will take a covert-op investigative approach to fully understand your company's positioning, differentiators,

and fit amongst your competitive set. 





Extensive matrix complete with product, service, value prop, and pricing comparative analysis; in addition to "Kill Sheets" outlining how to sell against your competition. 



You're a creator who just wants to create. The business side bores you and you have no time to negotiate deals, or bother with brand maintenance, or align a PR strategy. No worries, I got it. 



A personal 1:1 management resource who will tackle deal flow and negotiation, as well as personal brand maintenance and PR strategy.



From large scale event production at SXSW or CES to organizing a small sponsored panel in a local market, I can serve as a speaker, producer, moderator, or event strategist. 



Event strategy or project plan inclusive of ROI component for lead capture and CRM tracking. 

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